This is my site, so a little bit about me. I love to make things. I love playing with color. I love to experiment with technique. But more than anything, I am hellbent on taking this experiment in consciousness - aka life - for a ride. Yup, I am a seeker of sorts. My studio is a laboratory for that. My goodies are a tangible manifestation of the belief that our inner life determines our outer life. That we can choose our thoughts, and that thoughts are not the solid, concrete things that I grew up believing that they were. There is a space within all of us - a powerful life force, connected to the divine - that moves in the background, quietly waiting to be noticed among all the busy day-to-day noise. One way that I access that is through designing things - quilts, sweaters, jewelry, furniture - and working with my hands.

At our core, we humans are all pretty much alike; we’re doing our best in life, trying to find connection and purpose while protecting ourselves from fear and pain. It’s not always an easy process! I’m convinced nevertheless that it can be a joyful one, and that life gives us endless opportunities to practice. I like to explore that part of our human condition that is motivated to find solutions, transcend our challenges, seek beauty! If in the face of all the challenges that arise (i.e., without shutting them out) we can manage to maintain a lightness, a sense of humor, a neutrality, then we’re really onto something.


Selected Shows, Awards, Publications

Finalist, International Quilt Festival (Houston) (two pieces)

Finalist, IQA's In Full Bloom (with Jeanne Brenner)

IQA Invitational Celebrity Quilt Auction

Featured Artist, Colquitt County Arts Center, GA

Quilt Scene Magazine (with Jeanne Brenner)

Finalist, International Quilt Festival (Houston)

Quilting Natural Florida

World Quilt Show, West Palm Beach

IQA Invitational Celebrity Quilt Auction

500 Art Quilts, Lark Publications

Honorable Mention, IQA's Celebrate Spring (Chicago)

Finalist, International Quilt Festival (Houston)

Finalist, IQA's In Full Bloom

Denver National Quilt Show

IQA Invitational Celebrity Quilt Auction

Journal of the International Quilt Association, Summer

Finalist, International Quilt Festival (Houston)

Finalist, IQA's Sky's the Limit

Finalist, IQA's Festival Gallery of Quilt Art: Town and Country

Finalist, International Quilt Festival (Houston)

European Expo (Lyon, France)

Finalist, International Quilt Festival (Houston)

Best of Show, Quilters Unlimited Challenge, Tallahassee, FL